So…Hello Internet!

*Crickets chirping in the background*  Oh be quite you stupid grasshoppers!

Moving onto more pleasant things, HI!!! My name’s Alison but you can call me Alice or Ali and I just graduated high school. I’ll be updating as regularly as I can but the reason I’m writing this blog is because I think its important for people to express themselves and this is the best forum for it.

I’ll be making anime lists and shorts similar to the BLG who I love for her mutual love of my favourite anime. But they won’t be limited merely to that I will be talking about superheroes, fantasy books, current events and other things that get a rise out of me. With that said…

Batman: the Dark Knight, World’s Greatest Detective and… most OP character in DC?

That may sound odd given that Batman is famous for not having any superpowers but after a thorough study of his comic books I have discovered its possible that Bruce Wayne might have a real superpower. Luck Manipulation, the ability to change the odds so that they favour you. He’s probably escaped more death traps than should be possible, lives in a city completely whelmed in crime and yet all of the criminals can shoot for s**t, yet despite all that time he has survived with proportionally no damage. I don’t think he’s aware of his power but its definitely there, either that or everyone just assumes Batman is awesome and can do anything as long as you put Bat in front of it.

Batman, while my favourite superhero just can’t cut it in the long run if you consider his competition, a man who can do anything, a martian that is capable of frying your brain in a heartbeat and a man who could beat that one to a pulp in the same time span, but we’ll get to the Flash some other time because he definitely has some issues that need to be worked out.

I have always marveled at how everyone in the DC Universe instantly bows down to the greatest that is Batman.  But in the end who really cares about how the guy does it he is still always Batman the hero we deserve and the one we need

So…Hello Internet!